To Travel is to be constipated

Picture this… you hop off the plane at your dream destination, ready for a trip of a life time. Where are you? Are you about to embark on a backpacking adventure through South America? Are you swimming with the whales in Tonga? Perhaps you are just doing your standard flop and drop in South East Asia?

Now humour me for a minute. You are a week into your journey of discovery in India, your romantic getaway in the Maldives, or your volunteering job in Argentina – everything is perfect, almost. You have spent the week meeting the locals, hiking the hot spots or getting funky with your lover in your private pool villa, but something just isn’t right. In the words of the great Sharpay Evans; “something is ReeaLly WRonG.”

A few days into your trip your stomach started feeling hard, it’s grumbling continuously at the most awkward of times. I’m sure my fellow travellers see where I am getting at now. Huh? Huh? And no matter how brilliant your trip has been, you can’t for the life you poop. No matter how hard you try.

“To travel is to be constipated.”

It happens to all of us, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. So let’s get straight into what causes travellers constipation.

Change in diet

For the average person, your diet is relatively stagnant. You eat similar foods day to day and boast a similar diet and exercise routine. It is no lie that when on vacation your dieting habits go out of the window.

Fear of public bathrooms

There is a common anxiety over using public toilets, and your fear may be effecting your bowel movements.


Who has time to drink water when you are having the time of your life in Cuba? You. You do. Dehydration can cause travellers constipation, it is easy for you to forget to drink water. My tip – take a water bottle with you everywhere you go.

Jet lag

Yup… this can cause constipation. Jet lag is when you cross one of more time zones and your body takes some time to adapt. If you are a fan of the good old after breakfast morning poop like myself, jet lag can really mess you up. When your bowels are ready to let rip, you’re away counting sheep.

The plane journey itself.

Well… you’re sitting for 14 + hours??


So, my tips for avoiding travellers constipation?

  • Stick to your regular eating schedule.
  • Try eat a regular amount of fibre.
  • Keep hydrated, keep a water bottle in your day pack at all times.
  • If you gotta go.. go! Don’t hold it in!
  • Make healthy food choices (sometimes… we’re only human)
  • Pack Dulcolax. – seriously.

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