Hi There fellow Adventurers! 
 We’re Robyn and Crin and we would best describe ourselves as active travellers, adventure seekers and amateur nomads.
 We write for those who spend all day dreaming of destinations they are yet to travel to, and those who would never dare let a second of holiday leave go to waste! We write to share our stories, to inform and inspire and to encourage all our readers to do the same.
So, if you are new to our journey – welcome! We hope you will stick around. 
Keep reading to find out a little more about us…
We had unknowingly been connected through family and friends our entire lives, but it wasn’t until a wedding in December 2017 where we officially met and things clicked.
It’s funny, Crin was my (Robyn’s) brothers best friend for many years, and he didn’t remember me – but he said he remembered my voice. – not in a good way, but in a little child yelling ‘muuuuuuuummMMM!’ kind of way.
I already had a solo trip planned and when we met I told him all about it, and it was pretty clear from that moment that we both wanted to go out and see the world – but did I think we would ever be where we are now? Not a chance. 
One week into our relationship (Having spent a total of five days together) we decided to travel around the world together.
We did the whole long distance relationship thing for about 5 months before finally being together. Going from seeing each-other once a month to living in each-others pockets in a foreign country? We will let you know how we go with that one… (But we think we will be fine)
We believe that if we were meant to stay in one place God would have given us roots instead of feet, and the world is far too big to not be explored. 
It became obvious very soon in our relationship that neither of us could stand still in one place for long – and we were both constantly craving an adventure. 
Our bucket list keeps on growing every day, there are so many places to see in this world and so many people to meet, so many experiences to be had. 
 Whats that? You want to know more about us? Sure!!
Hola! I’m Robyn!
I was born in South Africa and raised in Melbourne, Australia with loving parents and two older brothers. My life at home was and still is incredible comfortable, warm and loving and to be honest; if I didn’t have such a need for adventure I would probably never leave. 
When I was a teenager my parents made the move up to Queensland where I now call my home. Queensland’s buzzing beaches, hinterlands and laid back vibes are a few of the things I love about the sunshine state. 
I have always had huge aspirations, at the age of 16 I booked myself a trip to Europe without consulting my parents (I didn’t end up going…) Then I spent the next 2 years participating in Musical theater, I somehow scrounged up qualifications in performing arts, events management and tourism in this time – don’t ask me how, and before I knew it I was a full time travel agent. Now at the age of 20 I am two years into my career and ready to give it up to travel the world. 
My goal is to travel to 30 countries by the time I am 30 years old… although it seems as though this goal will be met at 21.