A little bit about the Two World Wanders



“One month after we met we decided to quit our jobs and travel the world.”

It was a crazy decision; and most of our peers assumed we were insane, love sick and in our honey-moon-stage- it wouldn’t last. The great news is that one year in our honey-moon-stage is still unyielding. Our secret to a happy relationship? Making every day an adventure.

We have created this blog for those who share the same streak of Adventure as us, those who have a heart filled with wanderlust and a mind filled with unanswered questions. We aim to share our stories on the road, inform, and inspire everyone else to do the same as we do – live for adventure. 


Our creative half. 

The creativity that goes behind each and every one of our incredible photo memories is all thanks to Crin. (Right) If it weren’t for him we wouldn’t have photographs to blow up on the wall of our non existent home. Being new to photography our trip abroad has been an incogitable opportunity to begin his portfolio and practice his photography skills.


My favourite thing to see is him jumping at the opportunity to take photos for tourists at sights such as the colosseum, and seeing their faces once they see the photograph he captured. Much better than a selfie.
To appreciate more of Crins Photography check out our Gallery
Our travel-holic half
That’s me! Robyn. (Left) ex Travel Agent and full-time Wander-luster. I got sick of planning people’s holidays instead of my own and took the leap on a 7 month journey abroad with a guy I just met. No regrets here. I guess you could say I quit my 9 to 5 for real life experience.
While I no longer plan holidays for a living; I still enjoy and appreciate all the hard work and research that goes into making the perfect holiday come true – so much I have made it my hobby, and thus created this blog to share all my findings (and some random stories of life on the road)
Please keep following our journey as we chase more adventures, maybe we will see you out there doing the same.
Robyn and Crin x