Our Epic Round-the-World airfare

Our journey took approximately 7 months from the day we departed from our Australian home. We are often asked how we managed to pull off such an epic trip around the world for a fraction of the cost that one would expect, while there are lots of factors adding up to this, one major one was that our round the world airfares were an absolute steal.

In my previous blog I explained the ins and outs of a Lufthansa Round-the-World airfare. If you haven’t had the chance to read my latest please check it out before continuing on with this one, it will help you make sense of what I am about to share.

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The fare we put together for our trip followed the rules explained in my previous post, this is what our itinerary with Lufthansa looked like:

  1. Brisbane to Los Angeles
  2. Buenos Aires to Paris via Frankfurt
  3. London to Capetown via Munich
  4. Port Elizabeth to Brisbane via Perth.

Now that doesn’t seem to crazy, does it? The round the world airfare we booked basically covered all our flights between continents – which are the most expensive flights majority of the time. The cool thing is what we did afterwards, we filled in the blanks. Remember how I mentioned ‘surface sectors’ in my previous post? If you have forgotten – a service sector basically means flying into and out of different airports, and making your own way between them. – it allows you to make the most of your trip. Now let me share with you our itinerary after we filled in the blanks.

  1. Brisbane to Los Angeles
  2. Los Angeles to Boston
  3. Boston to Seattle
  4. Seattle to Vancouver via car
  5. Vancouver to Cozumel
  6. Playa del Carmen to Antigua Guatemala via overland
  7. Antigua to Lima
  8. Lima to Buenos Aires via overland
  9. Buenos Aires to Paris via Frankfurt
  10. Paris to Amsterdam via Bus
  11. Amsterdam to Rome
  12. Rome to Venice via Train
  13. Venice to Reykjavik via London
  14. Reykjavik to London
  15. London to Capetown via Munich
  16. Capetown to Port Elizabeth  via overland
  17. Port Elizabeth to Cairo
  18. Cairo to Port Elizabeth via Johannesburg
  19. Port Elizabeth to Brisbane via Perth


There we have it, our full flight itinerary around the world for 7 months. This itinerary allowed us to journey through over 20 different countries across 4 continents.


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