A city of constant chaos; where the term ‘personal space’ is as foreign as Vegemite. Three days in this city and it is has become immediately clear to me why the countries capital is the least desirable place to visit in Thailand. 

Do your research

If you are anything like me and traveling to Bangkok for a short amount of time, do your research. I found Bangkok to be far too chaotic to even comprehend where to start my tourist adventures. If I were to do it all over again I would organise myself a daily itinerary or at least a list of bucket list experiences I wanted to tick off during my time in the city. 

Book accommodation away from Khao San road

Staying in the right location is basically a must do for any city in the entire world, but I have never meant it as much as I do when I say that in Bangkok, location is everything. Have you ever watched the beach? Khao San road is pictured in the film, in all its backpacker, partying and craziness glory. It is incredibly over priced for what it is – and I would recommend staying away. Sure, have a look, but there are much nicer places to check out in Bangkok! Khao San road is crowded and noisy – a hub for young backpackers. 

Use public transport

Public transport is by far the best and easiest way to travel around Bangkok. As a city with a population around 8.5 million the traffic can make or break your holiday and taxis are rarely the way to go. I made this mistake once and unfortunately wasted almost an entire day in Bangkok. 

Beware of the Tuk Tuk and Taxi Scam

The Tuk Tuk and Taxi scam is simple. Drivers offer you take you around to see the ‘sites’ around Bangkok for a charge – The sites in which are for the most part underwhelming, and were chosen not for its popularity but for it’s convinient location according to the drivers agenda. 

While seeing some of the sites you will be driven to multiple different locations that weren’t on your to do list and the driver will explain that you will need to get out of the car in order for him to collect his ‘fuel tokens’ – Half an hour later you are sitting in a tailor store being fitted for suits you don’t want to buy, or being sold over priced jewelry. 

My tip? Use public transport and get yourself around the city – or buy point to point taxi fares instead of whole day transportation. It seems like good value at first, but it depends just how much time you have to waste in Bangkok. 

Shop in the right locations

It is odd that a country with salaries as low as Thailand have countless stores like Nike and Prada, but nonetheless – When you decide to get a dosage of shopping in Thailand make sure you find the right shopping malls to do so – or, be like me and somehow make it through a dingy alleyway and get lost. 

Don’t eat the KFC

I am not a lover of KFC in Australia, but KFC in Bangkok was on another level. It was my last day in Bangkok and I needed a quick fix before getting on the plane, somehow made it into a foodcourt filled with locals and picked up some KFC. I will never forget the smell, was it chicken? was it fried rat? I’ll never know **Shudders**

Enjoy Bangkok!