Booking a round-the-world ticket

Booking a round-the-world ticket is a convenient way to travel around the world. Purchasing your fares all with one airline will often cut down the over all cost of your trip and offer you extra incentives. Such as included luggage (Hard to come by on cheap european, american, or asian fares.)

I am writing this post to share my word on one of my favourite airlines, and one of the incredible products they offer for Australian clientele. So keep reading if you want to know how to book an incredible round-the-world ticket for cheap.

The Cost of a Round-the-World fare with Lufthansa.

I wish I could tell you exactly how much your round the world ticket will cost on this blog post. That would make life easy, wouldn’t it? I’m sorry to be one of these people, but I can’t tell you, but what I can tell you is how to get the best bang for your buck.

The cost of a round the world ticket is completely dependent on multiple things.

  1. The time in which you are travelling.  If you need to travel over Christmas or another high season, chances are your fare is going to be much higher than if you were to travel in low season. This could increase your fare by thousands of dollars.
  2. When you book. I have found that the cheapest time to book any international ticket is 6 – 8 months from your day of departure. I know; it’s hard to commit that far in advance, but trust me – you will get the better deals – and a longer time to plan for your epic adventure!
  3. Your fare class. Ok – this is obvious, surely; but if you book a business class fare you will pay more than economy. The cool thing about Lufthansa, however is that they do offer mixed fares. so you could have a taste of Business, but not pay for a full round the world ticket in business class!
  4. The amount of stop overs you choose – and where they are. Each round-the-world airfare includes 2 stops on your way to Europe – now I know for myself this wasn’t enough! Lufthansa offer up to 7 stops on your round the world ticket, each costing an extra premium; most of the time you don’t even notice the extra fee to add extra stops, so just do it!


The airlines used in a Lufthansa round-the-world fare

This, in my opinion was the most interesting thing to learn when I booked a Lufthansa fare. Most of the time, you actually will not be flying on a Lufthansa aircraft. WHAT? While their network is extensive and can likely get you anywhere you need to go around the world, if by the odd chance they can’t, one of their partners can!

For example: On my recent trip with lufthansa, I flew Qantas between Queensland, Australia and Los Angeles, California.Related image


How it works

Booking a round-the-world fare with Lufthansa is incredibly flexible in terms of where you want to go, but what exactly are you allowed?

  1. You must have a destination in Europe. Lufthansa is a German airline, Germany is in Europe, so you need to have a stop in Europe along your route! oh what a shame… you have to go to Europe. Bummer. Luckily that shouldn’t be a big problem, Europe is beautiful and definitely worth the stop. Below you can see all the European cities on Lufthansa’s route – given it will work with your itinerary you should be able to stop in any of these locations. Image result for lufthansa route map
  2. You can only choose one European city. Yup, this part is a bummer – but there is a loop hole! You can fly into one destination and out of another. The airline industry calls this an ‘surface sector’ It means making your own way between your cities of choice. On our recent trip we flew into Paris, made our own way around Europe for a month, and flew out of London. The great news is that Europe is so easy and affordable to navigate. It’s not uncommon to find flights for as cheap as 30 Euro between European cities – and if you don’t mind a bit of extra travel time you could book a flix-bus or similar, or even experience Europe’s extensive railway system. The options are endless.
  3. You can choose 3 continents. As long as the continents are on Lufthansa’s route map you can make it happen. One of these continents must be Europe (As you must go via Europe anyway) The most common itinerary people choose is Asia-Europe-North America, in this order or reverse, however it is possible to travel via Africa or South America as well. Like with my above point, there is a loop hole! (This is why I love Lufthansa) You can also do a ‘surface sector’ like offered in Europe – but on a larger scale – between continents! This is a little trickier to put together but it is possible, and obviously flights between continents will be more expensive then that of flights between European cities. (Yup.. more than 30 Euro, what a shame!) On our recent trip we flew into Los Angeles, California, and made our own way all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We had to contact Lufthansa directly to organise a waiver for this – hence why it’s a bit trickier! – we recommend speaking to a travel agent.
  4. Maximum of 7 stops permitted. it doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust me it will get you far! Plus with the added surface sectors and making your own way between cities you can really expand that.. possibly even to 22 countries, like us! Anything is possible.
  5. Asian stops. Only one stop over is permitted in Asia, however you can add a second for a premium. Like I mentioned above, you barely notice the cost of this premium in the grand scheme of things and it is certainly worth it.
  6. European stops. Same as my first point, but I will repeat – only one stop is permitted but you may turn that into a surface sector and make your own way between cities without any extra cost. You can also add the German Gateways (The cities in which the Lufthansa must fly via in and out of Europe) For an extra premium. We didn’t do this on our recent trip as I had already travelled to Germany twice, but I would recommend adding this on if you have the time. You’ll never get a trip to Germany for so cheap.
  7. African stops. 2 stop overs available. Africa is a bit more expensive to travel to and less common on a Lufthansa ticket so you will notice that your price will be a little higher if you choose to travel to Africa with Lufthansa.
  8. American Stops. 2 stops in America, maximum. (But remember the loop hole with the surface sector)
  9. South American stops. 2 stop overs permitted in south america.

Now remember….

Only 7 stops are technically allowed on the ticket, so really utilise the surface sectors where possible. Instead of using up 2 of your 7 stops in America, you could use only 1 stop as an open jaw. Example: Fly into Los Angeles and make your own way to New York, fly out of New York.

Is a Round-the-World ticket right for you?

Yes! It’s the right choice for you..

  1. You like to have everything organised prior to traveling. (Hello, this is me all over.)
  2. You have an exact itinerary in mind.
  3. You will be departing and returning to Australia.
  4. You will be overseas for less than a year. (These fares are only valid for a year maximum.)
  5. You enjoy flying with higher-budget airlines.
  6. You don;t mind a few transits along the way in foreign airports.

Maybe its not for you..

  1. You prefer budget airlines.
  2. You are backpacking and don’t require checked in luggage.
  3. You have no idea where your next destination will be.
  4. You are not a planner and prefer to book flights a week in advance.
  5. You will be overseas for more than a year.


Where can you get in on the action?

Do you think a Lufthansa round-the-world fare is right for you? Then it’s time to start planning your epic adventure! Complex round the world fares are almost impossible to book by yourself online. They are incredibly complex and require lots of time and attention. (Sorry guys, skyscanner won’t work this time!)

The best way to book a Lufthansa round-the-world fare is through a third party travel agency – they have all the right connections and know exactly what they are talking about. My tip? have an idea on where you want to go and your dates and hit up your closest agency.

Happy travels! and good luck on your epic adventure.





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